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funeral market

Along with the summer, the 1st June marks the dawn of another important day; the day when both the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) and the Treasury announced their reviews on both funeral costs and prepaid funeral plans in the UK.

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over 50 life insurance

Do you want an all singing all dancing funeral plan that covers everything, or are you happy just paying for the essential funeral costs and leaving the rest until the time comes?

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is a direct cremation a good idea

Direct Cremation is a relatively new type of funeral but one that is growing in popularity. Although it will probably not become the norm as the majority of the UK still hold firm with wanting a more traditional funeral service

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cheap funeral plans

A report exposing how cheap funeral plans can leave families with more to pay has hit the headlines again today threatening to tarnish the funeral plan industry’s reputation however this is not necessarily a bad thing. 

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how do i cope with grief

The death of someone close to us typically releases very personal emotions. Coping with grief is likely to vary considerably from one person to another and from one time to another.

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too young to arrange your funeral

Perhaps the constant media attention about rising funeral costs has started to hit home, or is it just our attitude towards death has changed and in this new digital age we have a more pragmatic view on life – and of course death!

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direct cremation

There is certainly no pomp and ceremony with a direct funeral – which might take the form of direct cremation or direct burial. Instead, the cremation or burial takes place without any ceremony or funeral service 

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Funeral Plan Market

Dec 19, 2017

funeral plan market

The Funeral Plan market has grown dramatically over recent years and as a result has become rather confusing and in some ways misleading.

When I say misleading, I am not talking about funeral plans as such: although there are some areas that require clarification. 

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avalon funeral plans

It was with mixed emotions that I read the Mail on Sunday’s report on the illegal tactics one prepaid funeral plan provider is reported to have been using to so say ‘bully’ customers into buying their prepaid funeral plans.

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best funeral plans

Having read an article recently ‘Prepaid Funeral plans; what you need to know before you buy’ I felt compelled to put pen to paper (or whatever the equivalent is these days in our new super high tech world) and clarify a few point; in particular the best way to compare funeral plans.

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