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what is equity release?

Equity release is a way of unlocking money that is tied up in your home, giving you a tax free cash sum to use how you wish. There are no monthly repayments and the cash can either be taken as a lump sum or drawdown when you need it.

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is equity release worth it

Equity release or Lifetime Mortgages as they are known are becoming more popular as people look for ways to increase their income

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how much cash can i release from my home

Releasing equity from your home involves taking out an equity release mortgage, it is not a decision that should be made lightly Read more

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Equity Release Council Autumn 2018 Market Report

The Equity Release Council Autumn 2018 Market Report is out and makes very interesting reading on the way we view property and the part it is starting to play in our retirement and later life planning.

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is equity release safe?

There’s no doubt that these types of schemes, also known as lifetime mortgages are big business, especially amongst retirees looking to enhance their pension pot, make home improvements or use as a gift for family. 

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equity release hot spots

It’s fair to say that this huge increase in the demand for equity release mortgages or lifetime mortgages as they are also known is nationwide, however there are certain pockets of the country, so called ‘equity release UK hotspots’ 

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equity release myths

Equity release schemes have received their fair share of bad press in the past. Any comment to the effect that they might not be for everyone has been seized on as meaning that they are really for no one - these and other myths are just that – simply not true.

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interest only mortgages

When you arranged it – probably many years ago – you might have thought an “interest only” mortgage sounded ideal. It offered a way to pay less on your monthly mortgage amount as you only paid the interest amount over a fixed time 

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what can i use equity release for

With so many uses it's not surprising to hear that the number of people of releasing equity from their own has risen again to a whopping £824m being released in 3 months, between July and September 2017 which is a 44% increase on the previous year.

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Top 5 reasons for releasing equity from your home

Have you ever wondered what you would spend the cash on if you took an equity release loan to release money from your home? Did you know that if you are aged 55 and over you could release around half of your property's value in a tax tree lump sum?

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