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compare gas and electricity costs

It is always welcome news when a government carries through on one of its election pledges – especially one that is likely to affect millions of ordinary people.

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compare best energy deals

Are you like I used to be and putting off switching your energy to a better deal thinking it is too much hassle, and you’ve not got enough time? You could be surprised – it’s easier than you think 

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best energy deals

UK Energy the trade association for the energy industry has reported that over three million people have now switched energy supplier, that's up 14% on last year.

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switching energy supplier

For anyone much over the age of say 40-45, the idea of constantly changing energy suppliers still seems strange. Many of us can remember when the energy suppliers were nationalised and market choice was limited to non-existent

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How to find the best energy deals

The key to finding the best deals, whether buying your energy or any other goods or services, is to make a careful comparison of the prices

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Are you spending more than you need to on energy?

We make comparing the best energy deals simple and straight forward: see our energy saving tips

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Who has the Best Energy Deals?

Shopping around for the best energy deal will save you money, but can you really be bothered

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Why Energy Users Should Compare Prices

Switching energy supplier has never been easier, whilst competition between the energy suppliers has never been greater.

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Cheaper energy bills are on the way!

The big 6 energy suppliers have reduced their prices: now is a good time to compare dual fuel prices

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Winter is coming: is now the time to freeze your rising energy bills?

Our advice is that you should shop around every 6 months to see if you can save money by switching energy supplier

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