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car insurance renewal

If you own or drive a car, your current motor insurance expires sometime this year. When the renewal letter drops through your letterbox, you are almost certain to be greeted with the unwelcome news that you are going to be paying more.

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over 50s car insurance

The risk of an older driver killing a pedestrian in a road traffic accident (one of the most expensive, or “catastrophic”, risks as far as insurers are concerned) is lower than that for a middle-aged driver and half that of drivers aged under 25

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Don't automatically renew: compare car insurance quotes

And securing that good value for money means shopping around and comparing car insurance quotes.

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The cost of car insurance is rising. … here's how to save money

Compare car insurance quotes when your car insurance renewal is due before you buy. Read more

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Does over 50 car insurance exist or is a marketing gimmick?

Yes over 50 car insurance does exist but that shouldn’t stop you shopping around make sure you are getting the most suitable and cost-effective deal on your motor insurance.

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Saying Goodbye to the Tax Disc

After 93 years of service, the tax disc will be no more. The tax disc has ceased to be; expired; gone to meet its maker; is bereft of life; it is an EX Tax Disc

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Helping your parent choose the right car insurance

Help your parents to find the cheap car insurance deals and understand whats covered and whats not. Read more

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Over 50s to benefit from changes in new car insurance initiative

MyLicence, the scheme being introduced by the DVLA, the Department of Transport and the insurance industry

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Over 50 Car Insurance – the tipping point for the older driver

Car insurance is a funny thing, especially for the Over 50s. For a time you are viewed like a fine full bodied wine; improving with age with a wealth of experience

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Quick guide to cheaper car insurance

I received a renewal notice for our car insurance a few weeks ago. We have 2 cars; nothing flash, although I do have to admit to buying an old convertible when I was 50. Yes I know, mid life crisis and all that! Having previously had a car through work which impacted heavily on my ‘no claims bonus’ I remember last year’s premium being a bit on the high side but I was amazed to see the renewal had increased dramatically to over £900.

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