Buying an Annuity 

Buying an annuity needn’t be confusing; it just takes a bit of planning and research.

Just follow these 6 simple steps:

1.  Read the annuity information on our website

2.  Put your plan in place using our retirement planning countdown

3.  Gather together your pension information

4.  Use the Annuity Calculator to see how much retirement income you could get

5.  Speak to the experts at Key Retirement to discuss your options, find the best rates and see if you qualify for an enhanced annuity

6.  Agree the best annuity based on your personal circumstances and let Key Retirement help you complete the process

Disclosing your medical and lifestyle conditions is important as it will determine whether you qualify for an enhanced annuity which could result in a much larger pension income; in some cases thousands of pounds larger.  

This additional information gives annuity providers the ability to build a more accurate picture of your life expectancy on which to base their calculations. 

Unlike life insurance where health problems lead to increased premiums, with annuities anything that puts you in a higher risk bracket such as smoking or drinking can lead to a higher retirement income.

Over50choices provides guides and information on everything you need to consider before buying an annuity and the experts at Key Retirement are on hand to help guide you through the process.

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