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Pet Insurance falls into one of two categories so it helps to understand both so you can decide which is the best pet insurance plan for you:

Lifetime pet insurance cover – this ensures your pet is insured for life as long as you continue paying your premiums

Non Lifetime pet insurance cover – these policies limit the amount paid per condition before excluding it from future cover

Lifetime Cover

This is the most comprehensive pet insurance cover you can get and as a result is more expensive.  It is worth shopping around and taking time out to compare pet insurance plans though as prices and cover do vary.  Here are your lifetime cover options:  

• Per condition per year – these premium pet insurance plans have a set annual cover limit for each individual illness or injury (for example £2,000 per condition) and you can claim for more than one condition within the year.  Regardless of any past claims you may have made, your pet is eligible for the same amount of cover every year as long as you keep renewing and paying your premiums.  

• Annual – Similar to the above but instead of having cover limits for individual illness or injury, there is a maximum limit that covers everything. The limit is renewed every year meaning your pet is eligible for the same level of cover.

Non Lifetime Cover 

These pet insurance plans limit the amount you can claim for an illness or injury before it is excluded from the policy meaning your pet will not be covered for that condition again. They are cheaper than the lifetime plans but do not offer the same level of protection, so check the small print carefully before deciding on the best pet insurance plan that most suits your needs and budget. Here are your non lifetime cover options:

• Per Condition no time limit – these plans pay a set amount per condition. There is no time limit so cover will continue until you reach the monetary threshold for that condition. At this point your pet will no longer be covered for that particular illness and it will be excluded from the plan.

• Per condition time limit – Similar to the above only there is a time limit on each condition, usually 12 months. Once you have reached the monetary threshold or the time limit your pet will no longer be covered for that particular illness and it will be excluded from the plan. This is the most basic type of pet insurance plan so cover is usually cheaper but can be very limited.

Now you know what to look for, let us help you compare pet insurance quotes so you can be sure to get the best deal at the right price.  Remember that cheap pet insurance plans are not always the best option if they don’t give you the right level of cover so make sure you read the policy details.
To compare pet insurance, just click the ‘get a quote’ button, answer a few questions and we’ll do the rest.

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